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- What You Need To Know When Buying New Rims
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It's a warm sunny day, the kind where you like to wash and wax the car. You go to your local big box store's auto section and pick out your supplies. As you check out, you get that ever-prevalent question about bagging your purchase; paper or plastic…or a reusable shopping bag for a dollar and ninety-nine cents? You decide to spring for the reusable

bag and load in your purchase. At home as you begin to clean the car you wonder what else you might do with your car to promote green and eco friendly living Autel MaxiSys MS906TS.

First, consider your car and what kind it is. What was one of its biggest selling points for you? Was it the mileage and how low it was or the horsepower underneath the hood? No doubt, car manufacturers have thwarted several attempts to be eco-friendly by giving people what they want with what they don't want. A muscle car of the 1960s was built with tons of horsepower but only got 12 to 15 miles per gallon. It wasn't uncommon to find some of these cars with only 10 miles per gallon. In today's society, cars can go to zero to 60 in mere seconds and give car owners at least 20 miles or more per gallon.

Moreover, a car doesn't always get its top mileage. You really have to keep it in peak condition if it's to perform well. That means making sure oil and air filters are replaced regularly. Additionally, you must check your tire pressure routinely to ensure optimal mileage. Did you know that driving with inadequately filled tires can reduce gas efficiency a whopping fifteen percent? Washing and waxing your car provides a good time to ponder more efficient ways to use your vehicle.

If you find that you need to return to the store, think about consolidating your trip. Maybe you shouldn't have made a trip for the detergent and wax after all. Maybe you should have put it on your grocery list. Most big box stores have a section for auto basics that include detergent Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, wax and even that tire pressure gauge. If they don't have what you need in the big box store autel maxisys ms906, at least stop at the auto parts store in the same trip.

Another way to be eco-friendly is to carpool. Many states have a ride-share program that help people to get to work but it's a bit ineffective for a variety of reasons. First, people may have trouble getting their work schedules on the same page. Second, they may not be comfortable posting their work schedule for anyone to see. An alternative to this is to share rides with a neighbor. These are people you most likely know and often spend time with. Not only are you being eco-friendly but you're having adult conversations.

There are a lot of ways we can lead greener lives, and using reusable shopping bags is only a start. Spending a little time thinking about your driving habits, and how they could be improved, could really reduce your carbon footprint!

Eliza Reeder writes articles that deal with environmental concerns and eco-friendly living. She encourages everyone to help protect our planet's future by doing things like using reusable shopping bags. You can find more eco-friendly living tips on her reusable bags site.
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