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- What to Look For in a Good Mechanic
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If you are still stuck with using some tapes and CD's to keep changing and playing on your car stereo you might as well be living in the stone Age. Changing CDs constantly and listening to your songs has become a thing of the past, there is now a new and more innovative way of listening to all the songs that you want on your car stereo in one go; very simply use an USB Flash Drive. Instead of constantly changing songs and having to skip over the ones you do not want to listen to, why not get yourself a Flash Drive for your car stereo, this way you can listen to all the songs that you want uninterrupted and also without having to skip as you can save your own playlist and thus make a playlist of all your favorite songs and nothing else.

So if you want this leisurely lifestyle you will have to get yourself a CD deck for your car's dashboard that has a USB port. There are actually many CD decks that come along with USB ports and if you already have one like that then nothing like it or else get yourself a new one and have it installed in your car. Actually, such a media player is needed so that the songs from your Flash Drive will have an interface for the display of the songs and the artists etc Autel MaxiSys Pro. The connection will be needed to be made between the CD player and the Flash Drive for the songs to play.

So, if you already have a CD player that has a USB port then you can simply get on to the next step and if you do not already have one autel, hunt for one such media playing kit for your car and have it installed with some professional help so that it is done properly. After this unit has been installed you next need to get yourself a Flash Drive that will contain the songs. Most people already have these USB drives that have some kind of storage and if you do not have one, these are easily available. You will be able to purchase one with 2Gb memory under $20.

The only step remaining therefore is the storage of the songs on the Flash Drive. All you have to really do is to copy and paste the songs that must already be saved on your computer on to the Flash Drive. The saving process on the Flash Drive is as simple as that. So if you do not already have the songs saved on your computer, you can upload them from elsewhere and then save it on the Flash Drive. 2Gb will be able to store a good number of songs on the Flash Drive. Also, remember to name the songs and the artists when you are saving them on the computer and transferring them to the Flash drive, to be visible on the car audio player's interface.

If you are looking for a good quality audio visit, Autozubehör and Car Hifi for more information about car stereo products, and find the right accessories for your car.
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