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- 10 Lorries in Harmony
- Wheel Alignment - The 5 Red Flags Every Vehicle Owner Should Look Out For
- What You Need To Know When Buying New Rims
- What Using the HID Xenon Kits Means
- What To Look For In Motorcycle Boots

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 10 Lorries in Harmony Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

To some, trucks and lorries may seem functional, but not exactly prime inspiration for songwriting. But maybe that's why you're not a multi-platinum selling artist, because all of these artists have managed to find their muse in the form of the humble HGV or the owner operator's job…

69 Eyes - Truck On

While some have used the lorry as a metaphor for life, Finnish gothic metalers 69 Eyes talk no uncertain terms about the lorry as means to deliver loads from one place to another. Things do get a bit weird at one point though - perhaps the lead singer is getting stir crazy from being in his cab all night:

As they're Swiss, we'll forgive them not knowing that "go" and "do" don't rhyme.

Bobby Bare - Truck Driver, Truck Driver

Bobby Bare's truck driving song is taken slightly differently, all sung from the perspective of "a highway bum" hitching a ride, making increasingly bold requests. Starting of with "Don't suppose you could sorta scoot over a little bit and give me a little more room cause I got long legs" via asking for cigarettes and the truckers jacket all the way up to "I see in that plastic frame a picture of a sexy blonde and you know that's my kind of dame, man I'd really like to grab onto your wife huh." Eventually the patience of the truck driver is worn out, and the hitcher says "Now if you lend me a dollar and half I'll move on down the line."

James Coffey - Hard Workin' Truck

We've seen truck songs from the perspective of the driver and the passenger, but this one sets a new trend by being sung by the vehicle itself! The song outlines all the tasks that lorries can comfortably accomplish including picking up rubbish, digging ditches autel maxidas ds808, construction work and haulage. The vehicle is evidently boastful about its talents: "No load is too heavy for my rig, no hill too high, no job too big…"

Bill Monroe - Lonesome Truck Driver Blues

As the title of this truck driving song suggests… this is another song highlighting the loneliness of the open road. The song describes the entire journey all the way down to the truckstops, but the drivers' concerns about the road laws certainly ring true with our current fears about government interference: "If you load too light you can't make a dime, if you load too heavy then you get a fine." The song does have an upbeat ending however, highlighting the best part of many a long distance haulier's day:

"Oh the motor's purrin' I'm makin' time

Takin' me back to that baby of mine

She'll be purrin' like a kitten

When I walk in the door

The truck driver blues I won't sing anymore"

David Lynn Jones - Bonnie Jean (Little Sister)

A country ballad about a woman left by her husband with 3 young children to look after who takes up long distance lorry work to make ends meet. It's a sad tale, but some of the details will sound familiar to all truckers:

"She's a runnin' down the road from coast to coast,

It's the little things she misses the most

She's a mother all day and a trucker all night

Livin' on coffee and mini-whites"

Weird Al Yankovic - Truck Drivin' Song

Comedy songwriter Weird Al Yankovic's Truck Driving Song starts off in much the same style as the other truck songs:

"I'm driving a truck

Drivin' a big ol' truck

Pedal to the metal, hope I don't run out of luck"

But quickly goes a little strange:

"Rollin' down the highway until the break of dawn

Drivin' a truck with my high heels on"

The song continues this theme to reverse the macho stereotype of the industry, probably angering a few truckers in the process:

"Oh, I don't mind when my crotchless panties creep right up on me

And my nipple rings don't bother me too much

But when I hit those big speed bumps

My darling little rhinestone pumps

Keep slippin' off the mother-lovin' clutch"

Of course, lorries aren't the only bigger industrial vehicles that have inspired songwriters - here's two more which move slightly further away from the trucking remit.

The Wurzels - Combine Harvester

The number one single - a reworking of "Brand New Key" by Melanie was a change of direction for the band, after the death of songwriter Adge Cutler - at this point, the band moved away from original composition and in to altering other people's work autel maxisys ms906. The West Country band moved away from farms and cider to pen another trucking themed song "I Want to be an Eddie Stobart Driver"

Nizlopi - JCB Song

Alt-folk act Nizlopi made it big by having the Christmas number one in 2005 - a song about a boy escaping into a fantasy world on his Dad's JCB away from the bullies at school. Aside from having a delightful video, the song is notable for its sudden change of fortune - the Christmas single was a re-release of a song which had made #160 in the charts on its first go 6 months earlier.

So if you spot a lorry heading past you on the motorway, or take on an owner operator job, perhaps its time to pull out the guitar and start strumming!

Lyall Cresswell is the Managing Director for the Transport Exchange Group. Haulage Exchange, their freight exchange for the 7.5 tonne and above market, offers an independent environment for its members to exchange haulage and owner operator jobs.
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 Wheel Alignment - The 5 Red Flags Every Vehicle Owner Should Look Out For Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Did you know that keeping your wheels aligned will help your tires to live longer and give you better performance on the road? And yet, this is one of the areas of car maintenance that can often be overlooked.

At Helwig Auto, we offer a professional and thorough wheel alignment and tire service that will ensure you get the best from your tires. And because improper wheel alignment can result in higher fuel costs, we’ll be saving you money well into the future too.

Many drivers don’t realize that they have a problem with wheel alignment until the damage to their tires has been done. The good news is our handy guide can teach you how to look out for the warning signs for yourself.

1. A Crooked Steering Wheel

If you have noticed your steering wheel is at an angle even when you are driving straight, this could be a sign that your wheels are out of alignment. Give the Helwig Auto repair shop a call for a quick check for total peace of mind and expert advice.

2. Pulling To One Side

When your wheels are out of alignment, they can cause your vehicle to pull to the left or the right. You might not notice this so much if you have power steering, but a good way to test this is in a flat and empty parking lot. Simply drive straight and then let go of the wheel briefly. If you find the car pulls to either side, give us a call!

3. Tires Are Wearing Out At An Uneven Rate

If you have noticed that the outside or inside edge of your tires’ tread is wearing out quicker than usual, this is a good indicator of your wheels needing alignment. This can happen to any of your four tires so make sure you check all of them at the same time.

4. Tires Are Wearing Out Excessively

If your tires seem to be wearing out at a quicker rate than normal, this could also signify misalignment autel maxidas ds808. Tires can grind along the road rather than rolling along when the wheels need alignment and this will result in your tires requiring replacement at a faster rate.

5. Your Tires Are Squealing

As mentioned above, tires will grind and rub along the road when they are attached to misaligned wheels and this will cause them to squeal even when pulling away at a slow speed.

The good news is that Helwig Auto offers a comprehensive tires service and car repair in Madison and the surrounding areas. Our auto repair shop is conveniently located and we can often book your vehicle in on the same day. Don’t leave your safety or the condition of your tires to chance. We offer a through tire check and can arrange replacement and wheel alignment to the highest standard.

Speak to us today about arranging car maintenance in Madison and Mount Horeb. We offer expert service and the highest levels of workmanship. You can also join our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest deals and discounts autel.

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 What You Need To Know When Buying New Rims Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shopping for new wheels can either be a frustrating experience or it can be rewarding one. If you follow these suggestions, it will be fun, rewarding and you'll save a lot of leg-work and money.

Are you looking to spice up your ride with a set of new rims? When you have a vehicle that you're proud of, its only natural that you want it to look the best it can look.

And there's no better way to jazz up your vehicle than by giving it new rims.

There's a few things that you should know before you go out looking for new rims. And you'll want to keep a couple of things in mind.

Where Do I Go Shopping For New Rims?

You have many options:

* you can go down to your local auto dealer

* you can look in on a specialty auto after market store

* you can stop in at a tire/wheel retailer

You'll be able to find some rims....you may even be lucky enough to have a fairly good selection to choose from.

But if you're looking for a really great selection of unique rims to choose from, then you need to look online. Shopping online offers you a whole new world of choices.

When you shop online, you aren't limited to just what the retailers in your area have to offer you. Now you can shop for rims in every store, in every town, in every state, in every country. As long as they have a website.

Why Is A Wide Selection Important?

It's important to have a wide range of choices when you're buying new wheels because you want your vehicle to look unique and you want rims that fit your particular vehicle Autel MaxiSys MS906TS.

Online you'll see a huge selection of styles and brands in chrome and alloy.

However, if you're one of those people looking for something really special, you'll find colored wheels, rims with colored lug nuts, rims with lights in them and even wheels with "diamonds" on them.

What Do I Need To Know When I Buy Online?

Look for a site that offers reviews. Many online merchants will provide customer feedback so that you can see how people feel about their decision to order from the site.

Shipping cost can be a concern for some people shopping online. However, some online stores offer free shipping direct to your door. We know of one that will ship to your installer if you prefer.

But be careful. Some online merchants require that you buy tires from them as well in order to get free shipping.

As with anything that you buy online, be sure to only shop on a website that is secure. You'll have to give your credit card info, or us an online payment system such as PayPal, so make sure that the site provides a secure shopping cart before giving your personal information.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Obviously, you'll need to know what size you need. This information will be in your vehicle user manual. If you don't have the manual just go to a tire store or car dealer and ask for their help. You'll find them more than accommodating.

Why Should I Buy New Rims?

Some people buy new rims to jazz up the appearance and make their vehicle look sexy. Others buy after market wheels to improve the performance of their vehicle. When you get a mix of appearance and performance in your rims you can actually improve gas mileage as well as the handling of your vehicle Autel Diaglink.

Alloy wheels may actually reduce wear and tear on your brakes. Alloy rims reduce the heat that results during braking.

And lastly, unique and sexy wheels will definitely add value when it comes time to sell.

So, remember, buying new wheels can be fun and you can save a lot of money by shopping online.

This article is a copyrighted work and does not come with reprint or resale rights and may not be altered or changed in any way including the resource box. The site owner acknowledges that by using this article they accept this condition. The only exception being to bold the appropriate copy i.e. headlines and subhead text.

Bob Martin says “If you’re looking for new rims this is for you
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 What Using the HID Xenon Kits Means Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

People are often looking to make relatively small investments into their vehicles to make it a more enjoyable and safe ride for everybody. One of the ways that they can do that is by purchasing a HDI xenon kit. An HID Xenon kit allows you to install headlights that go far beyond making your car look better. They also make it easier to see at night. The light they produce is more intense and has a bigger range than those of the halogen headlights that most people use today. In fact, in many cases you can see anywhere between 3 and 5 times better.

The HID xenon kits can provide over 300 percent of the light that you are now getting from your halogen bulb. The light produced by the HID kits often simulates the daytime with a clear white light Autel MaxiDiag MD808, though there are always blue and purple bulbs available that work just as well. With the HID xenon kit installed in your car you can see the reflection of signs and road markings much better than you could with the common halogen headlights.

Instead of the filament and the non reactive gases that you normally see in household use, and the filaments that are surrounded with quartz and halogen gases that you see in the everyday halogen headlights you get a more efficient system with the HID xenon kits.

While halogen uses gases to help your headlights last longer and shine brighter than your household lights, the HID headlights use the gases to produce the lights. The lights in the HID xenon kit use a micro-discharge bulb that is later filled with a mixture of noble gases. These gases of course include xenon. There are absolutely no filaments in these bulbs. Instead, two electrodes create the light arc. This in turn gives a greater range in illumination.

In order to convert a car or a motorcycle you need a several different things. They include ballasts, or amplifiers, igniters, if they aren't built into the ballast already, HID headlights, and the 20 amp fuses for when you start up. If it turns out that your car uses sealed halogen beams then you'll need to get a sealed beam converter. If you'd rather you could try using a wiring harness autel maxisys ms906, an upgraded factory harness, and some relays.

You can use an HID xenon kit for almost every type of vehicle there is. The biggest limitation is that the high/low bulbs do not function. Normally these would be bulbs with two filament ; however with the HID kit converter you can't get both high beams and low beams.

In order to find the HID xenon kit that will work best for your car you need to do some research. Know everything you can about our car and it's current headlights, and it doesn't hurt to take it to a professional. The HID conversion kits in general are kind of pricey, so you want to be sure you get the best one for your money.

Buying the right HID Kits can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! At , we take the confusion out of buying HID Xenon kits and help you find the lowest prices on the web!
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 What To Look For In Motorcycle Boots Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Buying a good pair of motorcycle boots can be an exercise in patience unless you know what to look for in motorcycle boots. Here are a few points you can keep in mind when you go searching for one:

1. Motorcycle boots should be at least 160 mm in height, and must provide impact protection for the shins, instep and ankles.

2. The soles that are sewn are stronger than the ones that are bonded. Often, the glued soles come off when the rider drags the feet along the road while stopping the bike.

3. The soles should be oil resistant and waterproof. You should be able to walk through a puddle. Fortunately, most leather motorcycle boots can manage this with ease.

4. Lighter boots are better in summers.

5. The leather should be ISO 11642 compliant autel maxisys ms906. This is a test of color fastness in water.

6. Your boot should have at least 10 mm clearance from the edge to the upper.

7. Uppers should be abrasion resistant.

8. Leather should be at least 2.5 mm thick and soles should be 4 mm not including the cleats.

9. Contoured boot soles aid in traction and should be made from a durable material.

10. The leather used should be thick enough to offer protection but supple enough to be comfortable and soft.

11. A flex panel in the ankle area is very comfortable. It allows you to flex your ankles while applying the brakes, or even while walking.

12. Flex sections are missing in engineer-style slip-on boots because the wide upper allows enough movement within the boot. However, slip on boots are also likely to slip off.

13. Its best to have boots secured to your ankle with laces, zippers, hook-and-loop straps or a combination of the above.

12. The lining in a motorcycle boot is very important. It should keep you dry, ventilated and snug in all kinds of weather. Wearing the right socks can also make a big difference. Stores that sell serious backpacking equipment will in all likelihood have high-tech socks.

13. Functional motorcycle boots must provide enough tread for stability. A tread pattern that runs sideways as well as fore and aft is great.

14. Thick rubber soles help to absorb vibration Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. You can also consider some padded inserts. There are enough available at the local stores.

15. Motorcycle boots should provide adequate heel and toe cups designed to flex under pressure.

James Gunaseelan Writes articles & Reviews for India's No.Auto Portal.He also advises consmers on buying & selling of used cars & Automobiles in India.
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