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- What to Do After an Accident - Austin Car Repair
- What The Motorcycle Helmet Law States Per State
- What it Really Costs to Own a Car
- What Everyone Should Definitely Know About HD Accessories
- 10 Lorries in Harmony

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 What to Do After an Accident - Austin Car Repair Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Getting into a car accident is a stressful ordeal, both physically and emotionally. Despite being consistently voted as one of the best cities to live in, Austin is considered one of the worst cities to drive in according to Allstate's analysis of drivers' reports []. What's so troublesome about a car wreck is that it can happen at any moment. Even if you're being a good driver, you do not have control over other drivers on the road and additional elements like bad weather, worn tires or debris in the road. Unfortunately, most of us at some point in our lives will have to deal with this unfortunate situation. The best way to minimize the amount of stress and hassle you experience after a car accident in Austin [] is to be as prepared as possible. Knowing how to deal with a car accident before it occurs will help you to better maintain a clearer presence of mind amid the chaos and enable you to go through the proper steps once the accident occurs.

First and foremost, immediately after the accident, you need to take stock of the situation and check to see if anyone is injured or requires medical attention. If someone requires medical attention, immediately call 911 and then tend to the victim. Do not try to move the victim unless the car is smoking or there is imminent risk of fire. Wait for the Austin paramedics to arrive to move the individual. It is a good idea to carry an emergency first aid kit in your vehicle so that you will be prepared to do what you need to tend to injuries until the paramedics arrive.

If your accident is a minor one like a fender bender and there are no injuries involved, at this point you can move on to examining the actual extent of the damage done to your car and of the other individual's involved Autel Diaglink. At this time your emotions may be running high and you or the other person involved may be angry. It is important that you remain calm and coherent during this time in order to help facilitate this process as smooth and quickly as possible.

It is essential that you gather as much information and evidence from the accident as possible. Take as many pictures as you can of the accident and damage from different angles. Most cell phones come equipped with cameras nowadays, but in case you do not have a camera phone it is wise to carry a disposable camera in your glove box for such an occasion. You should also look for witnesses of the event and jot down their names and contact information should you need their assistance clarifying what actually happened if there is a dispute between you and the other party involved as to what happened.

You should then get the information from the other driver or drivers who were involved. The chief information hat you need to be sure and obtain include the individual's name, phone number, address, make and model of their vehicle as well as their license plate number and vehicle identification number.

Once this information has been acquired it is time to file a police report. Regardless of how minor an accident is, you still need to get the police involved, especially if you are having difficulty obtaining the necessary information from an uncooperative third party, the Austin police will assist you. Filing a police report will make it easier for you to file a claim Autel Maxisys MS908CV. If it is no longer necessary to contact the officials, you should at least go to the local Austin police station and make a report just to have it on the record.

Finally, you need to make a call to your insurance agent or to their emergency hot line. If possible, make this call at the scene of the accident with police present. The police will be able to help explain the situation and provide your insurance agency with accurate information, which can help speed up your claims request down the road.

After you have taken all of these steps, you will likely need to contact an Austin car repair shop. Call the repair professionals at Custom Car Crafters. These Austin repair technicians are familiar with all the insurance procedures and will further help you through this process and return your vehicle to you as good as new.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your cool and don't panic. Car accidents are scary and can certainly shake up your nerves and this is understandable. Just do your best to not let emotions overtake you and focus on the task at hand so that you can do what you need to do.

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 What The Motorcycle Helmet Law States Per State Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Motorcycle helmets may not seem all that important when you think about it. It is heavy, hot and even suffocating. The material may even cause break-outs on the skin and even allergies. Motorcycle helmets also keep you from enjoying the wind on your face as you ride. So why the hell should people wear them? The answer is actually fairly simple. It can keep you from having a permanent disability or even keep you from dying.

Take for instance the story of Don Koening who died when his head hit a tree. He left his helmet on his front porch.

There are a lot of people who have suffered from permanent disability, some even died, just because they have forgotten one tiny detail, to wear their motorcycle helmet. What is more saddening about this is the fact that most of these people are between the ages of 16 and 24, people who still have a full life ahead of them.

Laws requiring helmet use

This is perhaps the reason why legislators have included the wearing of the motorcycle helmets in state laws. The law also states that the helmet worn must also pass the criteria that are set by the Department of Transportation's Federal Motorcycle Vehicle Safety Standard 218. It is one of the three laws that require motorists to wear safety gears while in motor vehicles. The other two are the use of a child-passenger safety restrains and the use of seatbelts while inside the car.

Differences in some state laws

Although the same basic law is stated in all the states, there are slight differences as to the enforcement especially with the monetary fines. In California for instance, motorists must wear helmets all the time. Helmets should not only be worn but also securely strapped in. In Florida, the law is somewhat a little bit more complicated.

Although all motorists are encouraged to wear helmets when they ride, people over 21 years old and are covered by an insurance policy that provides for at least 10,000 dollars in medical assistance should an accident happen are exempted.

The helmet law also does not apply to people who are 16 and older and are operating a motorcycle that have a displacement of 50 cubic centimeters; does not have an excess of two brake horsepower or those that are not capable of operating it beyond the speed of 30 miles per hour Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

This content is provided by Low Jeremy Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. It may be used only in its entirety with all links included. For more information on Motorcycle Helmets & other useful information, please visit
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 What it Really Costs to Own a Car Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When people are buying a car for the first time, the first thing that catches their attention is the sticker price on the vehicle that is sitting outside in the dealership parking lot. "Oh, I can afford this!" they will exclaim when they see the price. However, the price that you see on the sticker on the vehicle is often just a rough estimate of what you will actually end up paying for the vehicle.

When I first bought my car, I had no idea how much I would qualify for. I knew how much I was making, but I didn't even have the first clue when it came to financing and figuring out facts, figures and other sorts of numbers. I brought another female friend with me to the dealership, thinking that because she had purchased cars in the past that she would be able to help me out. No such luck. In the end, the salespeople at the various dealerships that I visited had a field day with me, trying to swindle me and get me to purchase a car that was well beyond what I would ever be able to comfortably afford. Why, at one dealership, I distinctly remember that the salesman actually took me for a test drive in a $35,000 car and told me that I would be able to afford it! I later found out that this was a price that was well beyond my capabilities at the time.

Buying a car for the first time is a major decision, one that will affect you for a long time if you make a mistake. Regarding the price of actually owning a vehicle. In the state of North Carolina, I didn't know that there was a vehicle tax that you receive in the mail shortly after purchasing a vehicle. Depending on which county you live in, the vehicle tax may be higher or lower. In Wake County, the vehicle tax is currently three percent of the purchase price of the vehicle minus a trade-in. If you don't have a car to trade in, then this is just three percent of the purchase price. So, if you are buying a car for twenty thousand dollars and think that you are going to get off scott free, you had better think again and prepare yourself for a heft vehicle tax bill in the mail.

I was shocked to receive my first vehicle tax bill in the mail. Why hadn't the dealership told me about this? Suddenly, I was faced with paying a $440 per month statement for my car plus a new vehicle tax bill for the amount of $375. I actually had to resort to asking my parents to help me out that month because my current paycheck wouldn't cover the difference! In addition to this Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, people who are buying a car for the first time also need to take into consideration the fact that when you own a car, you have to pay for regular upkeep such as filling it with gasoline, taking it in for regular oil changes and occasionally battling unexpected hiccups such as flat tires, car accidents, etc. In the end, you wind up paying far beyond whatever the sticker price read out. Therefore autel maxisys ms906, it pays to do your research and make sure that you take ALL things into consideration!

auto transport auto transport companies
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 What Everyone Should Definitely Know About HD Accessories Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

What is probably the most famous brand in the whole world? Most individuals would say Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson have been identified for their dedication to detail and high quality ever since they became well-known in 1931. On account of this, many firms create imitations of Harley's high quality attire and other things corresponding to helmets, boots, and HD bike accessories. It's critical that you simply turn out to be conscious of the indicators for authentic HD accessories and classic clothes because knock-offs are all over the place!

I actually hope you find several tips from this text useful so you'll be able to determine what is and is absolutely not a fake. By retaining a number of useful signs in your head, it is possible for you to spot replica Harley gear and HD accessories after looking at the things more attentively.

For many years, the bar and shield HD logo has been around Autel Diaglink. If I may give you one essential tip here I'd say be sure to examine the Harley Davidson Logo. In truth, it is solely changed just a little since its original design back in 1931. When searching for classic Harley Davidson attire, be sure to know the exact colors, form and details of the real Harley Davidson Logo. Fakes usually rework the emblem first.

A standard emblem modification, is a certain signal the HD accessories that you are looking at are, actually, a knock-off. This consists of the misspelling of Motorcycle. On an imitation you will note this written in the middle of the logo, "Harley Davidson Motor Cycle." Did you notice the area between Motor Cycle? Always verify the logo and look for minor modifications. This is the best way to identify an impostor!

Pay special consideration to the worth when buying vintage or older Harley apparel. In case you suppose it is too good to be true, you are most likely right with that assumption! When in fine condition, classic Harley clothes could be quite invaluable and expensive!

I want to let you already know that you must all the time take into account the price on vintage bikes and bike parts as well as other hd accessories. In the event you feel that the worth is an unbelievable bargain, the probabilities of it being authentic are lessened.

HD is understood for producing solely the highest quality products and accessories. Always bear in mind to pay special attention to the element and quality of the clothing. This has been the corporate's philosophy because the very starting so if the article of clothes you might be considering shopping for is of poor high quality Autel Maxisys MS908CV, its most likely an imitation. Genuine classic Harley Davidson clothing can be made with great detail and embody actual leather-based, accurate stitching work and top quality lining.

Harley Davidson luggage is certainly one of my personal favorite HD accessories. It's not only an effective way to indicate your love of this iconic American brand but in addition make certain your stuff will get there in a single piece. Whereas Harley Davidson's major mission is making the world's greatest bikes they also produce top of the range attire and accessories.

Simon Bentruster is an avid Harley bike lover. He recommends clicking on harley davidson gifts, because they make especially good gifts.

Simon Bentruster loves using Harley bikes. He advises clicking on , because they make especially great gifts.
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 10 Lorries in Harmony Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

To some, trucks and lorries may seem functional, but not exactly prime inspiration for songwriting. But maybe that's why you're not a multi-platinum selling artist, because all of these artists have managed to find their muse in the form of the humble HGV or the owner operator's job…

69 Eyes - Truck On

While some have used the lorry as a metaphor for life, Finnish gothic metalers 69 Eyes talk no uncertain terms about the lorry as means to deliver loads from one place to another. Things do get a bit weird at one point though - perhaps the lead singer is getting stir crazy from being in his cab all night:

As they're Swiss, we'll forgive them not knowing that "go" and "do" don't rhyme.

Bobby Bare - Truck Driver, Truck Driver

Bobby Bare's truck driving song is taken slightly differently, all sung from the perspective of "a highway bum" hitching a ride, making increasingly bold requests. Starting of with "Don't suppose you could sorta scoot over a little bit and give me a little more room cause I got long legs" via asking for cigarettes and the truckers jacket all the way up to "I see in that plastic frame a picture of a sexy blonde and you know that's my kind of dame, man I'd really like to grab onto your wife huh." Eventually the patience of the truck driver is worn out, and the hitcher says "Now if you lend me a dollar and half I'll move on down the line."

James Coffey - Hard Workin' Truck

We've seen truck songs from the perspective of the driver and the passenger, but this one sets a new trend by being sung by the vehicle itself! The song outlines all the tasks that lorries can comfortably accomplish including picking up rubbish, digging ditches autel maxidas ds808, construction work and haulage. The vehicle is evidently boastful about its talents: "No load is too heavy for my rig, no hill too high, no job too big…"

Bill Monroe - Lonesome Truck Driver Blues

As the title of this truck driving song suggests… this is another song highlighting the loneliness of the open road. The song describes the entire journey all the way down to the truckstops, but the drivers' concerns about the road laws certainly ring true with our current fears about government interference: "If you load too light you can't make a dime, if you load too heavy then you get a fine." The song does have an upbeat ending however, highlighting the best part of many a long distance haulier's day:

"Oh the motor's purrin' I'm makin' time

Takin' me back to that baby of mine

She'll be purrin' like a kitten

When I walk in the door

The truck driver blues I won't sing anymore"

David Lynn Jones - Bonnie Jean (Little Sister)

A country ballad about a woman left by her husband with 3 young children to look after who takes up long distance lorry work to make ends meet. It's a sad tale, but some of the details will sound familiar to all truckers:

"She's a runnin' down the road from coast to coast,

It's the little things she misses the most

She's a mother all day and a trucker all night

Livin' on coffee and mini-whites"

Weird Al Yankovic - Truck Drivin' Song

Comedy songwriter Weird Al Yankovic's Truck Driving Song starts off in much the same style as the other truck songs:

"I'm driving a truck

Drivin' a big ol' truck

Pedal to the metal, hope I don't run out of luck"

But quickly goes a little strange:

"Rollin' down the highway until the break of dawn

Drivin' a truck with my high heels on"

The song continues this theme to reverse the macho stereotype of the industry, probably angering a few truckers in the process:

"Oh, I don't mind when my crotchless panties creep right up on me

And my nipple rings don't bother me too much

But when I hit those big speed bumps

My darling little rhinestone pumps

Keep slippin' off the mother-lovin' clutch"

Of course, lorries aren't the only bigger industrial vehicles that have inspired songwriters - here's two more which move slightly further away from the trucking remit.

The Wurzels - Combine Harvester

The number one single - a reworking of "Brand New Key" by Melanie was a change of direction for the band, after the death of songwriter Adge Cutler - at this point, the band moved away from original composition and in to altering other people's work autel maxisys ms906. The West Country band moved away from farms and cider to pen another trucking themed song "I Want to be an Eddie Stobart Driver"

Nizlopi - JCB Song

Alt-folk act Nizlopi made it big by having the Christmas number one in 2005 - a song about a boy escaping into a fantasy world on his Dad's JCB away from the bullies at school. Aside from having a delightful video, the song is notable for its sudden change of fortune - the Christmas single was a re-release of a song which had made #160 in the charts on its first go 6 months earlier.

So if you spot a lorry heading past you on the motorway, or take on an owner operator job, perhaps its time to pull out the guitar and start strumming!

Lyall Cresswell is the Managing Director for the Transport Exchange Group. Haulage Exchange, their freight exchange for the 7.5 tonne and above market, offers an independent environment for its members to exchange haulage and owner operator jobs.
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